When I opened my cupboard this morning I found my Happy Shopper mug being told off by my Pope mug. Bloody Catholics, always telling others how to behave.

Home, January 2007

About simonsharville
I’m an experienced, freelance integrated graphic designer, front-end developer and chair wrestler with a flair for typographic design and a strong background in branding, publishing, corporate design and integrated visual communication across print and digital.

3 Responses to Shamed

  1. Simon says:

    Blair Witch Pope. Brrrr.

  2. paul morley says:

    Hello, just got your link from the Bookseller Crow’s site. I like your style. I was just having a supposedly serious conversation with a social worker (work stuff, not personal stuff) and started laughing at Cone Fight. Had to turn it into a cough. Love it.

  3. Evie Sears says:

    It appears that the Pope also made the Happy Schooner stand in the corner and face the wall.

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