The time is

Or it isn’t.
I have an old watch. A lovely old casio which I purchased years ago in
a boot fair for 50 pence and it’s been working fine ever since. But
recently it’s started giving random time which can be immense fun when
people ask you the time on the street. As an extension of that I
thought I would occasionally publish random times that are, of course,
Have fun and next time someone asks you the time you know where to look.

Oh. Before you ask. No, it’s not the battery.

About simonsharville
I’m an experienced, freelance integrated graphic designer, front-end developer and chair wrestler with a flair for typographic design and a strong background in branding, publishing, corporate design and integrated visual communication across print and digital.

One Response to The time is

  1. paul says:

    it’s probably the ash-cloud

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